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Get Scoliosis screening back in schools

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Scoliosis is the term used for curvature of the spine. It is more common in girls than boys and affects every 3rd to 4th child in every 1000. The most common form of Scoliosis is present at birth (Idiopathic Scoliosis) where the cause is unknown. It can also be present in older people through aging as well as a trauma. 

The percentage of people being diagnosed with having it is on the increase. Scoliosis is not only a physical disability but can also cause a number of other conditions such as Osteoarthritis, breathing difficulties, chronic pain and depression. It can also have a rippling effect on the person's daily activities as well as the family.

The earlier it is detected the better quality of life the person has, at present Scoliosis screening is currently not available within schools across the UK, it was withdrawn by parliament during approx 2007/08 I am creating this petition to gain enough support to encourage the Health Minister within Parliament to reinstate this screening. I hope I can depend on your support.

The screening takes a couple of minutes which involves the individual to lean forward to touch their toes if there is a detection of the condition either side of the shoulders will be raised and there will be a curve in the spine.

People with scoliosis most likely will not be affected by the condition, and can lead normal lives. The percentage of people who need treatment and support is on the increase which is why early detection is so important. 

If the condition goes undetected then the curve(s) can increase leading to physical disability, it can cause other health conditions which means medication being the only option which can have a lasting effect on the individual as well as the financial impact on the NHS.

Please support my campaign for raising awareness and helping people who have the condition (including myself) receive the support and treatment they need. Please sign the petition.

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