Get rid of tv licence

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Tv licence should be abolished. Family's having to pay out more money than what they need to. Needing to have a tv licence now on any device e.g. phone laptop tablet all because you can stream on it. No one wants to have to pay for a brand new phone for hundreds of pounds to only then have to pay more for the licence. It's not fair on anyone to have to be made to pay this even if you don't have a tv if you only have a phone with Wi-Fi on it . As everyone is aware that if you don't pay for it then somone calls out to your property looks inside your home to see if you have a tv , sky /virgin box and any other devices. Then if you still don't pay then they get the courts on you. I have just received a Fine from the court saying I have to pay this if not then they will take action against me in court. Now who wants to have to pay nearly 100 in a fine then to go off an have to pay more money for your licence. There are family's out there that can't afford to buy themselfs food gas or electricity or even clothes so then they certainly can't pay for a tv licence but get made to or they will either get a fine or have to go to court . This is unacceptable to have to pay this,  tv licencing make millions every year mean while there are families out there starving or freezing because of them demanding us to pay this. Question you have to ask yourself is what do the government actually care about (Money) or us the people because to me it looks like money with they way things are going. You know what I say 


There is no need for it just because these channels don't advertise well do you know what start advertising and stop making us people pay for it. 

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