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Get rid of Plastic Bottles and Re-introduce Deposits on Glass Bottles #RECYCLE

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There seems to be so much discussion about Recycling and Waste Management nowadays but I would like to propose that the use of Plastic Bottles could and should be limited and Glass Bottles should be reintroduced for Milk, Fizzy Pop and other products that have seen an increase in the use of plastic packaging.

Further to this I am aware that a lot of Local Authorities advise you not to put Plastic Milk Bottles in the Household Recycle Bin because they cannot be recycled and instead to put them in the General Waste Bin where they are destined for Landfill.

It is my proposal that the number of Plastic Milk Bottles and Plastic Fizzy Drinks Bottles could be limited and reduced dramatically if a decision was backed by Parliament to stop the use of Plastic Bottles at source and re-introduce the use of Glass Bottles in the manufacturing processes and that if this was backed by Parliament, Retailers and the General Public then UK Manufacturers could be encouraged and supported to make this change.

The scheme that used to exist whereby you could get a deposit back on Glass Bottles would surely be a great incentive for people to recycle these Glass Bottles and I would propose that this could be extended to include Beer Bottles and Bottles of Wine as I imagine the majority of these will also end up in Landfill when they could actually be recycled.

I believe that this in turn could create employment for people to create a recycling network for Glass Bottles rather than the limited Bottle Banks at Supermarkets that never really seem to be busy whenever I see them and in an age where jobs are being lost to automatic self-service check outs and the like, then I for one would welcome something that actually helped create employment rather than streamlining Business Processes which ultimately reduces the number of staff required and employed by major retailers who have already impacted upon the number of smaller firms.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will take a moment to sign and share this petition and hope that together we can try and make a change for the positive.

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