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Get pro ana sites removed from the internet

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My 13 year old daughter has been struggling with anorexia since her diagnose 6 months ago.  As a parent you want to educate yourself as much as possible and as well as the professional help we are receiving , I have tried to find out as much info as possible through the library and the internet. My internet searches did of course provide me with an instant selection of support groups and  advice etc , but scratch the surface just a little bit more and you can have instant access to a world of pro anorexia websites , forums, images and bloggers offering you tips and advice on how to submerge your self deeper and deeper into the secret world of eating disorders.  It's horrific and even with my strong adult brain that is not struggling with the voice of anorexia , I found myself reading more and more, through a mixture of horror and curiosity.  Imagine what this does to the mind of a person , particularly  a young  susceptible person ,whose thoughts are dominated with the struggles of an eating disorder.  It's just unnacceptable that these sites are allowed to operate .  Please sign my petition to get these sites removed from the internet

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