Get parliament to ask The Queen to appoint a new Prime Minister

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The recent news of the DUP coalition deal has tipped this government into a 'coalition of chaos,' lies and hypocrisy that I and many i know are horrified by. We continually seem to be 'DUPed' by this Conservative government and it needs to change now.

I have seen many parliament petitions from the government's website, which typically is dysfunctional during this state of high political interest. Many petitions calling for action on Theresa May gather the number of signatures required (10k for response, 100k for debate) but are receiving a standard response from the government,  "The accusations made about the Government and Prime Minister in this petition are wrong, and the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act means no Government can call an early general election any more anyway," so the question cannot be debated. Through some research about government response,  there is another way.

Demanding a new general election because people are unhappy with the prime minister does not make much sense, because the Prime Minister is not elected by the general public. The general public vote the members of the parliament and then the parliament decides who becomes prime minister (technically the monarch decides, but practically they always pick the one the parliament wants).

So when the UK public wants a new prime minister, they should petition the parliament to ask The Queen to appoint someone else. A re-election does not necessarily reach that goal because the new parliament could just pick the same Prime Minister again.

So lets get the question to The Queen...

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