Do you think there should be at least one dyslexia specialist teacher in every school?

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15% - 20% of children have dyslexia. Few are identified and properly supported. Failing to address dyslexia in children, can lead to issues that adversely affect mental health and limit their opportunities in life. 53% of prisoners in the UK have been found to have dyslexia, and The National Literacy Trust estimates that 5.1 million adults are functionally illiterate. 

 One well-trained dyslexia specialist, educated about the Science of Reading, will make an immediate impact. All student teachers should be trained to understand dyslexia and the Science of Reading methodology that helps dyslexic learners, (and all children) become readers.  Systemic delays cause damage to confidence and mental health. Low-cost dyslexia screening for all children entering school should be mandated before age 6. Research proves that the best age to intervene with explicit structured language teaching is 5-7.

The short film Mical based on the true story of Pat Jones OBE tells the story of the damage done to children by the school systems' failure to properly support dyslexic children. Pat's determination to get help for her bullied, dyslexic son Mike in 1977's Bristol, and her unwavering drive to learn about dyslexia (to enable herself to take matters into her own hands), tells the story of the outcome and damage done to children, when the school fails to support dyslexic students, Out of her work with her own child, a world-renowned dyslexia centre was born, and her work has improved the lives of thousands of children. She received an OBE for this work in 2016. Watch now at  Help us make a change for dyslexic children.