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Deji Olatunji's family dog (Tank) has been seized by the UK Police. What happened was the neighbor supposedly was confronted by tank and allegedly acted aggressively which supposedly caused the dog to react by nipping the neighbor. The Police arrived to the scene and allegedly told the kennel that Tank would be taken to be trained into a Police dog, which would look to indicate that they want to steal him. The Olatunji Family are filing a Lawsuit against the Police.

The German Shepard is a 1 year old and is also harmful. The neighbor allegedly reacted by hitting the dog with apparently a heavy parcel. CCTV footage to come by Deji Olatunji via his Youtube Channel 'Deji'. We need this dog to be returned to the Olatunji Family as it has caused nothing and will not harm anyone.


More info can be found by this video: