Fathers Rights and Stop Parental Alienation By Vengeful Ex’s and Failure of Court System

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Fathers Rights and Stop Parental Alienation from vengeful Exs and failures of the Court System.

I am Loving working father. I have a beautiful baby 10 month old son. I have split up with my Ex Partner where I had regular overnights staying contact with my son and my ex partners two other daughters regularly. During our split I was trying to encourage my Ex to go to mediation or lawyers to set out a parental agreement however she refused just as many times as she had stopped me contact with my son every time we had fall out due to her erratic behaviour.

My lawyers wrote two letters asking to come to an arrangement however no response from my ex partner.

One weekend I refused to take my ex partners daughters as I wanted to spend some quality time alone with my son alone however this was refused and stopped me contact now for over 3 months.

I have been to court 3 times already and waiting for a welfare reporter to assess me due to my Ex’s false allegations after our split. 

I miss my son I am a hard working father who loves his child and treated my ex’s daughters just the same equally. I gave structure love and do things together like any loving father would do. 

I feel I have been failed by the court system and lawyers. There seems there is an agenda going on. I have done nothing wrong and my ex’s false allegations and the courts system has emotionally and financially drained me. My life is so dark and rock bottom missing my son. 

I have the evidence to prove in texts/ images / witnesses that I am a good father. I am expecting another court date for the results of a welfare reporter assesment and I am expecting a proof hearing after, to this day I have missed out all my sons growing and bonding time due to the failure of the court system and it seems like I am being punished for no reason.

I propose that court system should treat every parent equally and that both parents have the right to see their child/ children. If the court is being cautious of any allegations of abuse or negligence from any parties , understanding the court judge being cautious of any allegations whether true or false and the protection of a child is most important, however there should be a right of some kind of supervised contact in a contact centre being placed until proven guilty or innocent.

I hope this petition can agree with me that the court system and law must change to stop us parents being punished.

I have not seen my 10 month old son for over 3 months and I want the court system and Ex partners to stop this Parental Alienation and we should allow parents able to bond and see their child/ren and their child/ren to see their parent. 

Please support me in this petition

Yours Sincerely