Fair paid leave for single parents who are key workers during COVID-19

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So I’m a single parent with 3 young children.
I am considered a key worker as I work in a supermarket...

Therefore I am expected to take my children into school like normal (during school times mind!) and not consider the fact that I may contract Coronavirus from some moron whilst at work who knows no boundaries whilst standing to close to me or coughing in my direction moaning about the fact there isn’t any bog roll available!!!! ���

Also to the point that taking my children out of school based on government instruction and for their safety and now putting them back into school around others not knowing if they will then come into contact with anyone who has been around a victim of the virus itself. 

If by chance I catch the Coronavirus whilst delivering someone’s shopping, instead of trying to and wanting to isolate myself with my children, I then risk taking the Coronavirus back home...so my children can catch it as well! �

I’m then left alone...with three young children under the age of 10 to nurse back to health “IF WE CATCH IT” then and only then will the system look after us! My work said TAKE ME TIME! What???? IM SORRY CAROL BUT I CAN’T afford “ME” time because missing one shift costs me a weekly shop for me and my kids....what should I do???

Besides the fact that I have underlying health conditions it’s still not enough to be put on the SYSTEM as paid! I don’t come under the governments guidelines for the vulnerable. ��

There is something wrong with what’s going on right now and as a single parent I’m expected to put mine and my children’s lives in jeopardy to appease my work place to serve the nation apparently????? Just take them to school even though others are allowed to isolate in these worrying times...you don’t matter whether you’re alone or not, we couldn’t give a stuff about your circumstances!!!!!! What about me and my kids? How is it fair ��� this has upset me so much today.

£20 a week extra won’t cut it Boris sorry!!!