Equality for Men

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Much is in the press & media about feminism & women's rights.   However nothing is done to redress the imbalance men are suffering.  Men have to work longer than women but on average live 4-5 years less.  Men do not have a minister to represent them but women do.  Men are also under represented in certain workplaces like administration, bank telling, travel agency, estate agency.   Women have their women only associations like the guides, the Women's Institute but men cannot have their men only ones for fear of being called misogynist.  Women have women only gym & swimming lessons but there are no men only ones.  Is that fair?  Then there was the fuss with the walk on girls in darts where it is claimed by feminists women are being objectified.  What about women objectifying men as firemen or others in uniform like at women only Hen parties where on occasion they grope & harass men.  Women claim they want equal rights but in truth some just want an unfair advantage as many are unable to do physical jobs as good, as quickly & as efficiently as men due to their physicality & only obtain their status through the assistance of men & political manipulation   This is borne out by many organisations lowering standards to accommodate & appease feminists & the politically correct establishment & media constantly demonising men with fallacious reports.  I am all for emancipation for all & equal pay for all if they do the same job however there is a blatant misandristic imbalance in society & this needs to cease.  Women suffer when men suffer because they have sons, they have fathers, they have husbands, they have brothers etc etc & women are left bereft & hurt if their loved ones are affected & discriminated against.  Men have rights too & its about time we men were treated with respect, with dignity & with equality!

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