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I am a seperated mother of three, Recently attending the family court uk regarding access rights to my youngest child with his father. 

Myself and my son's father have been seperated just over a year and in that time 99% of the parenting has fallen to me. Father has to be forced and begged to provide any kind of financial assistence, child care is my responsability, whilst father has no issue with leaving it all to me. School holidays, sickness ETC i am the one who cares for our son. I provide a roof over his head, clothes on his back and food in his tummy aswell as anything else he may need. The whole time father has refused to contribute to any of this. However despite having a very good amount of contact time with his father, we still found our selves in the family court. These issues were brought up only to be dismissed as irrelevent!!

Should all family courts take on board the level of parenting the non resident parent does? My view and what i hope to change is that when requesting contact time each and every judge should make it clear that if a non resident parent is unwilling to help in the actual raising of a child they cant expect to be rewarded with all the good things... This is in the interest of the child, regular contact is great but that makes no difference to the resident parent who majority of the time struggles with work commitments, to provide all the child needs. 


Its not acceptable for one parent to have an almost free life, whilst the other sacrifices, struggles and dedicates their life to their child.

Any parent that applies to the family court should be prepared to contribute their fair share to their child. This is a massive flaw in the courts in this country. Rights for parents should come second to the needs of the child


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