Enforcement of automatic by-election when an MP resigns from their political Party.

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Any Member who resigns from a Party, should leave the House, and an automatic by-election should be triggered. 

The UK Parliament website states the following about when by-elections are held:

'A by-election is held when a seat becomes vacant. This can happen when an MP:

- resigns or dies
 - is declared bankrupt
 - is unable to carry out their duties due to mental illness
 - is convicted of a serious criminal offence.
A by-election does not have to take place if an MP changes political party. - Until an election, an MP of the same party in a neighbouring constituency manages constituency matters'.

A number of MPs have recently resigned from their political parties and crossed the Floor of the House to either defect to another political party, or create a new political party (Change UK), or become an Independent.

This has left those respective constituency's vacant, and those MP's e.g, Berger, Coffey, Gapes, Leslie, Shuker, Smith, Soubry, Umunna, Wollaston, + Nick Boles who crossed, without 'official' representative seats in the House, - as they have abdicated their democratically elected positions and abandoned their constituents. - These MP's should not be allowed to sit in the House, as members of a new political party, when they have not been democratically elected to represent that new political party in parliament!

 Surely any MP who defects should do voters the courtesy of allowing them another chance to choose who represents them?