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Enforce unbiased reporting from print media in the run up to all General Elections

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In the run-up to the 2017 General Election, the majority of the UK printed press (ie, the daily newspapers) printed very biased, and one-sided stories. This gave the electorate an unbalanced view of the main political parties and more importantly their leadership.

I work for a small local radio station. We, as with all broadcast media have to obey rules of impartiality and balanced reporting, which become more strict during a general election. Please make these same rules apply to the UK Print media.

It seems that the Newspapers and their editors simply print the stories that their owners want them to print, with little regard to accuracy or giving a fair say to the opposition.

In any democracy, the right to free speech is sacrosanct, the right to tell both sides to any story, and for those sides to be heard - make this apply to our newspapers, otherwise they are simply a source of unpaid-for propaganda for one political side over the other.

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