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Enforce a 10% cap on the amount event tickets can be resold for on the secondary market

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You've woken up early to try your luck at getting tickets for your favourite artist, festival, sporting event, theatre show, or comedian. The time is now 8:59am and you're refreshing the page like mad! The clock ticks over to 9:00 and... tickets are gone. Not even up to 2 minutes later, and nowhere to be seen. Disappointed and desperate, you do a general search. Ah, here are some tickets, on a ticket reseller site for double the face value.

Sound familiar? Well all too often it is. In 2015, BBC Watchdog investigated the issue and found that there are no laws protecting consumers from being ripped off by resellers such as Seatwave, Viagogo or GetMeIn. Online ticket touts can list the tickets for as much as they like, at multiples of the face value. In the eyes of the government, resellers are merely "entrepreneurs" but in reality they are too often just plain fraudsters. Some do not even have the tickets they claim to be selling, which is known as 'speculative ticketing'. Again, no laws preventing this, meaning touts can take your money and run.

As UK Parliament will not altogether ban these sites, this is what I propose:

  1. Make the secondary market restrict the amount event tickets can be resold for at a 10% cap of the ticket face value. (e.g. Tickets costing £65 cannot be sold on Seatwave, Viagogo etc. for more than £71.50)
  2. Enforce a law which puts an end to speculative ticketing. Touts who promise tickets only to not deliver, or distribute counterfeits, should be prosecuted or fined.

If you're an honest, genuine fan like me, you will understand the frustration and grief that comes with being unable to get tickets, only to see them at unattainable prices minutes later. You feel ripped off and cheated; it feels like ticket touts are to the event industry what pirates are to the music and film industry, so shouldn't touts be held responsible too? Support the campaign for secondary market reform and sign the petition! #REFORMRESELLERS #FansJustWannaHaveFun

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