End the TV licence fee - No justification for it in a diverse & democratic media market

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Why is it that so many of us are willing to put up with a situation that means if we buy a TV or any device capable of picking up TV broadcasts it is akin to signing a contract which legally obliges us to pay the BBC a fee whether or not we want to watch its programmes?

Why is it that we as free citizens and consumers have no choice about whether we want to pay to consume BBC programming? Doesn't it strike you as authoritarian and autocratic that we are forced by the state under threat of legal sanction to pay the BBC, a not inconsiderable amount of money, every year for a product that we can consume from any number of other sources? In fact, many of us do choose to pay for content from other companies or watch other channels that are free to us because they are funded by other commercial means. But we also have to pay the BBC or risk going to prison if we refuse.

The BBC should be funded like other channels, such as ITV, or through subscription that is freely entered into, as Sky is.

We as free citizens and sovereign consumers should be able to choose where we buy our TV entertainment and news. This should be an irreducible right in a free and democratic country. If you believe that owning a TV is not and should not be the same as signing up to a never ending subscription to the BBC then please sign this petition to demand that Parliament passes an act to scrap the TV Licence fee.