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End the £3 billion per year war on drugs

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The people of Britain want our government to end the war on drugs and legalise the sale of those substances which are currently illegal to possess or distribute.

It costs the government over £3 billion per year to investigate and arrest individuals for illegally distributing drugs. In a country which is heavily in debt, should we really be spending £3 billion pounds per year to prevent people from distributing substances which the public want to take? That money could be spent securing the future of the NHS, or improving schools and colleges.

If chemists were able to sell those drugs which the public are currently buying from "gangs of armed thugs", how many more jobs would be created? How many more businesses would be created? There would be less people claiming benefit and more people working, wouldn't there? How much tax would the country make from the sale of substances which we currently pay £3 billion per year to (unsuccessfully) prevent?

Yes there are health risks, but many of those risks will be eliminated because the substances are being manufactured by proper chemists instead of gangs who haven't got a clue and don't care about the health of their customers.

Some people may abuse these substances, but the public have the right to decide how they live their lives and if they want to take drugs they have the right to do so. That is why despite the fact that the government spend so much money each year to stop the sale of banned substances, drugs still find their way on to the streets.

We have indulged the government long enough, banning these substances is not working and it never will. The public do not want you to waste our money anymore, we demand that you legalise the possession and sale of drugs. We would rather have that money invested into our NHS instead of wasted on a "war" you cannot and will not win. 

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