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End Home Office Negligence: Stop Illegal Detainment of Migrants

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For far too long the UK government, in particular, those departments related to immigration, such as, the Home Office have been operating with extreme prejudice and negligence.

My close friend Cedric, an inhabitant of the UK of 20 years, has been detained, in Poole, under threat of imminent deportation, for some 3 months now, despite the impact this is having upon his young family and himself. Having, in 1996, been brought from the Ivory Coast to live with his mother, Cedric now 30, is fully integrated into British society and culture. His mother was granted indefinite leave to remain in 2004 and this was then put into process to also apply for Cedric. The Home Office said such a process would take approximately 3 months to complete, however, 2 years later and still with no completion Cedric's mother passed away and by default his claim was lost. This can only be recognised as a consequence of the poor service and negligence of the Home Office. If such a process had been completed as stated then Cedric would never be in the position he finds himself in now and his young daughters would not be experiencing the loss and trauma they are currently so distressed about.

If such was not already appalling enough; the conditions within these detention centres are ignorant to the regulations set by Human Rights. As well as the horrific suicide of a friend, within his cell, Cedric himself has been injured, very recently, in what appears to be an unprovoked attack by 3 individuals. The incident left him feeling both mentally and physically shaken and yet despite being witnessed, wholly, by at least 1 guard the attack was still allowed to take place. 

The utterly appalling conditions, inaction and 'flexibility' of guards, and noticeable lack of ability to ask for help; is reason enough that I ask our UK parliament to, at the very least, discuss this matter. Secondly, if Cedric had initially been processed correctly by the Home Office and had not become victim to their negligence the Home Office would not require taxpayers funding to pay for his illegal detainment. We need to address our infringements of Human Rights and personal freedoms because how can the U.K be a bastion of liberal ideals and democracy and not adhere to such within its own borders? Sign this petition and help to enact Change, we do not have many avenues in this model of democracy but this is one of them, so please Sign.

Many thanks and Peace

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