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I started struggling with one thought: we pay taxes from our income and then are taxed again when buying essentials like Food or Supplements! It is disgraceful that 20% extra of our own money goes to the Government after having already paid taxes on the money we work hard for. We have the right to buy and consume food without being taxed; after all, food is not a want but a NEED! I don't see why we need to lose 20% each time we buy food or go out to eat! And don't even get me started on supplements! The inability of the government to look after our soil  and air has allowed companies like Monsanto (Nor exclusively)  to hijack the soil and create nutritional deficiencies and most people need supplements , not because they want them but they need to take  eg. B12 or D3 or Zinc  or probiotics etc.. It is crazy that we get charged on those too! The government needs to step it up! Theresa May and Parliament members your job is to look after the people and not operate a mafia to squeeze everything you can out of citizens! That is criminal and you are being unfair and unlawful!  If you won't stand up for your people we will demand you do the right thing with as many signatures we can get and as much awareness we can create! Drop VAT on food and supplements! 

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