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Alan Turing was an outstanding citizen who made a huge contribution to defending Britain and her Allies in WWII and was one of the fathers of the computers that we take for granted today. Because he was gay, Turing was prosecuted under a brutal and archaic British law, "chemically castrated" by the courts and committed suicide two years later. Now the UK Parliament is considering a bill by Lord Sharkey to pardon Turing because of his great contribution to our society.

This would be a dreadful move because it says that only exceptional people can be "let off" from convictions under unjust and oppressive laws. Instead the UK government should apologise to every person, living or dead, who has suffered from this law and take steps to see that Turing is properly honoured for his great achievements, perhaps by some lasting monument like a "Turing Law" to deal with future injustices.

Letter to
Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Home Secretary and Minister of State for Women and Equalities Rt Hon Theresa May
Member of House of Lords Lord Sharkey
Don't Insult Alan Turing with a Pardon

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