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Demand justice for victims of mental health. STOP! THINK! HELP!

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STOP! When you hear someone talking about mental health problems; Listen. THINK! About what that person needs. HELP! Help that person get the treatment they need and deserve, HELP SAVE A LIFE.

My Daughter, Hannah Groves, lost her life on 22nd October 2012, aged just 20. due to the incompentancies and total failures of the Southern health mental health trust in Southampton. She had sudden onset mental illness which declined rapidly over 10 day's and consequently took her own life after a battle, begging the trust for help which all fell on deaf ears. A social worker, working for the trust described my beautiful Daughter as "an attention seeker and an effing waste of time"! To a Detention officer from Hampshire constabulary. It needs to be added that disturbingly, this person had actually never met Hannah, and so it can only be assumed that this was an appalling attitude formed from the opinions of other mental health practitioners who did come into contact with her! This simply beggars belief that such derogatory comments were made about someone needing desperate help only to be constantly told she was "not at risk"

I am now campaigning in my Daughters memory, for better mental health awareness and want the government to listen and instigate the changes so desperately needed so as no further lives are lost.
I do not want anyone else to have to suffer the pain and trauma Hannah went through, and suffer the unbearable heartbreak of her lose.

No one ever should be turned away from receiving the help and treatment they need and deserve. Mental health needs to be placed as an equal priority in government funding, equal to that of physical health. Bad mental health = Bad physical health, they go hand in hand.

Stop the abuse and demand justice for victims of mental health services.
Please sign and help make this happen.

Thank you, Mandy Park X

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