Demand Facebook Release Proof of Tommy Robinsons Policy Violations or Reinstate Account!!!

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Tommy Robinson has been banned from most Social Media Platforms for criticism towards a political ideology. With over 1 million subscribers on facebook alone and a similar massive worldwide following on youtube these big tech companies, mainly Facebook say they banned Mr Robinson for hate speech posts. Mr Robinson denies these claims and has asked for proof. Facebook have refused to offer this proof for which they claim were the reasons for his sudden banning from the worlds major platforms. Facebook was the first to ban him. We need to show strength by numbers to big tech companies and demand we see the evidence (any) that Tommy Robinson went against there policy.

With over 1 million followers on facebook not ONE single piece of evidence to suggest Mr Robinson broke the "Rules"...Democracy and free speech is fundamental to our human rights, that we should ALL be free to express. Sometimes things are hardcto hear. But that does not mean individuals dont have the right to say what they choose, free speech wasnt Free, it was earnt by many sacrificing there life so that we could live free. Whether you agree with Tommy Robinsons views or not. We must ALL from all walks of life make a stand against Fascism. By silencing selected voices merely because certain people dont like what they hear represents Fascism.

If Facebook can provide the evidence for which they claim Tommy Robinson violated then many would walk away but we demand that you make freely available and/or release this proof for which you claim or REINSTATE him immediately..Please all stand in unity together to take a minute of your time to sign this petition. I want it to be passed globally and i intend to reach 1 million subscribers but we all have a simple role to play. Please sign and forward onto 10 friends.