Demand an Independent Inquest NOT a Public Inquiry for the Grenfell Tower victims

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We need an INDEPENDENT INQUEST into the Grenfell Tower catastrophe.

Theresa May has called for a Public Inquiry - but this does not go far enough and it is not independent. A Public Inquiry is led by government and does not involve the victims of this tragedy and does not allow the victims to use their own experts in looking at the evidence.

There have been so many failed Public Inquiries over the last 20 years:

The Hillsborough Inquiry 1989 - where police did not have adequate control of the situation and the stadium turnstiles were not fit for purpose. Some blame was put on Liverpool fans which was later completely discredited and since then reports of police evasion and white washing have come to light.

Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse - launched by Theresa May in 2014 - files were lost, there were high profile resignations of the chairman and senior advisers. The inquiry was dubbed "not fit for purpose". Another whitewash or incompetent inquiry. 

Bloody Sunday Inquiry 2010 - launched by Tony Blair as a result of the whitewash of the previous inquiry in 1972. 

We cannot let this catastrophe have a government led Public Inquiry, who potentially have a conflict of interest due to emerging reports of Tory MP's voting down legislation on safety in tenant housing (many of whom were landlords), reports of MP's sitting on reports concerned with fire and safety in tower blocks for 4 years, filibustering (MP's talking until legislation runs out of time to be voted on), and the massive cuts to the fire services as a result of austerity.

All of these factors and the nature of this catastrophic event means that we should DEMAND AN INDEPENDENT INQUEST.

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