Deed not Breed- Change the law regarding banned dogs

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Every year dogs who resemble those listed under The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act are seized and destroyed, some have not even done anything remotely dangerous to the public their entire lives yet are seized by dogs wardens and police officers just because they resemble a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, or a Fila Brasileiro. Owners have to go through an immensely difficult court hearing to get their beloved pet back and then to get them back without being able to have the same freedom they used to have with dog. I once met a man walking his Stafordshire Bull Terrier- a close relative of the Pit Bull Terrier - and he asked us to put our dogs on their leads, I had to tell my confused brother to put one of the dogs on the lead while I did the other one, then having to explain to my younger brother what had happened and why that man had asked us to do it. I am calling for a change to this law, if a dog should be put down it should be because of its deed, not its breed; if a dog is seized it should be put through a behavior test to see whether it is actually dangerous then it should be put down, not because it ticks so many boxes in some guidelines written by someone who doesn't actually know about the breed and say it is that dog because it fits certain measurements.