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Decriminalize Necrophilia

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We, as a race of humanity, claim that we have reached a point of personal freedom and expression of sexual individuality. I would disagree, for still those who deviate from the sexual ''norm'' are persecuted, criminalized and demonized!

In the past, the ignorant notion that homosexuality was suitable to be a criminal offence was rightly smashed and torn asunder, for it harms none. But still, the act of necrophilia is ignorantly given the same treatment that the former was give up until the 1950's.

Just as homosexuality harms none - it being in a monogamous consensual relationship - same with necrophilia. Necrophilia is nothing but the sexual desires or interaction for and with a dead and thus INANIMATE body.

Note the key word - INANIMATE. No harm can be done to something that has no working cells that make the nerves work. Criminalizing necrophilia purely for the sake of the act is as nonsensical as criminalizing dendrophilia (sexual attraction to trees) for the same nonsensical idea that anything that deviates from the norm and harms none is dangerous. 

Furthermore, opponents claim that the act - and if not the act, the methods and activities that lead to the act - violates the right of "respect for the dead". But hypocrisy is to be expected from those who believe that it is wrong for someone to love the dead, but it is perfectly fine to bury them in the ground or burn them to ashes!

That is why I suggest that - forthwith - necrophilia be legally allowed, with the setting up of a regulated guild which would keep the donated bodies of those who wish it so to be used, and for the general decriminalization of necrophilia to promptly follow. 

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