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Decrease Footballers Wages And Increase Military Wages

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People are moaning about the recent terror attacks around the world which is causing nations to seperate and families distraught! The way to stop this is fighting for your country and using the right tactics to stop this decade of terror... But, While men are fighting for their flag and freedom there are millionaires kicking round a ball, causing no servere conflict at all!

Footballers are earning millions of Pounds kicking round a ball, showboating and doing nothing for their country... They are using government like money for this but what is the point? I could be a footballer and get paid millions or I could be in the Army, getting paid thousands!

The British Army are losing soldiers, losing our chances on the battlefield! If Footballers get paid less and Soldiers get paid more, then the world will come together at 1 and change the future generations! More people will be attracted to Helping their country if they get paid more and will increase our chances on fixing this terror!

If we lose this battle of terror, the world won't fix but if we win, we will become a nation at large.
If we are a nation, we need to come together, fight together and achieve together in an acceptable manner instead of kicking a ball and getting useless money!

In my future, I WANT to be in the British Army, making my flag fly in freedom... We need to decrease the wages for footballers and increase in Soldiers because I don't want this country and other allies suffering because of they are not getting enough help!

One of my friends dad had suffered from PTSD from fighting in Afghanistan and he didn't get paid much to support his family... Currently, This friend is in foster care, due to the debt in his family!

One footballer had been hurt from kicking a ball, he got maximum support and is now a millionaire, while his family is bathing in money...

The stories above are true and show how much money given can effect families. For a better future and freedom, sign this petition and make families come together and our country/nation stronger than ever!

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