Death penalty for terrorism in the UK

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Britain has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks in 2017 and it is about time we have stricter laws to punish any man or woman who plot to kill innocent lives on British soil. British people are not allowed to defend themselves and our police force and british military forces are not getting the funding power they truly deserve to protect us from disasters happening to innocent lives that live here. This not about race , religion or immigration. It is about terrorists that hold no faith but only hold destruction and evil to humanity. As a nation we should have stricter laws to send a message that our country is not to be taken for granted. Our country is here for peace and success. We are in danger of becoming a constant target if we do not grow a backbone and start defending the people who truly want peace. Any person of race , religion  , gender , nationality who plots to kill innocent lives in this country should be sentenced to death. 2018 will have more terror if we do not annihilate the target before it becomes a threat.

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