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"Da Wae" to be recognised as a serious religion.

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In a year such as this people find solace within the internet's isles of memes, humour & vines. Who are we to deny people solace, clarity and safety in a harmless religion that aligns the culture to search for their queen.

The Rules & Guidelines of Da Wae

  • To be respectful of the queen.
  • To aid people in their finding of the wae.
  • To enlighten pathfinders in their goal of solace.
  • To provide people with clarity, but also safety.
  • Understand the wae.
  • Know where the wae is.
  • To Spit on enemies of the wae.
  • Understanding the language of cluck.

You can see that we have a very detail-orientated guidelines of Da Wae, and for that we only promote trust, safety & happiness for all those who confide within Da Wae.

What exactly is the way? Well, what isn't it.. Da Wae is what you perceive it to be; we focus on befriending all who go about their daily lives, all who are looking for purpose in life and all who are wanting to reach that paramount enlightenment.

  • The Core Principles of Da Wae
  • Thou shall not kill.
  • Thou shall be kind to all who pass.
  • Thou shall spread the wisdom of Da Wae.
  • Thou shall provide the queen with the respect she deserves, once found.
  • Thou shall let people know that they do not know Da Wae, until they find such hope.

A wise man once told me to hug me brudda, and by merlin's beard I did, thus producing the beacon I needed to go about my day helping people learn Da Wae.

Da Wae has the capacity to become something unbeknown-st to the 21st century, a religion, a temple, a place for people to prey and communicate unsolicited by danger.

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