Support the launch of a Youth Corps to create employment and speed recovery

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The recession and accompanying unemployment created by the COVID crisis is most severely affecting the under 25s.

With one million young people leaving schools, colleges and university this summer research and analysis forecasts more than 600,000 of these will become unemployed. The more disadvantaged will fare worst.

The crisis could produce a ‘Generation C’ whose future prospects are blighted.

However, we believe that the Government can launch an initiative around young people, in a practical, straightforward way, that can impact quickly and scale effectively. We are proposing the launch of a Corps of young people that can access projects, task, training and jobs with mentoring support to provide resources, energy and talent to:

Enable a Faster Recovery
Build a Better Future

This will be enabled by marketplace technology and a process that is designed FOR young people and inspires and mobilises them. We believe ‘Generation C’ can be transformed into a powerful engine to create a UK that is ‘more innovative more economically dynamic, but also more generous and more sharing’.

Here’s how we’d like you to support

Please sign the petition to let the Government know that you think this is an idea they should support and adopt.

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