Covid19 Gov Food Bank Aid NOW

Covid19 Gov Food Bank Aid NOW

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Digital Food Bank started this petition to UK Parliament and

UK Media is reporting crisis in our Food Banks during Covid-19 Isolation:

-Less donations

-Less volunteers

-A massive spike in referrals and emergency food needs. 

Demand has doubled and is growing. Food Aid grants are needed to stop the humanitarian disaster already unfolding. 

The government has offered 80% grants to prop up the self employed; independent; small and large business organisations but has not prioritised our last rung to stop immediate hunger issues - Food Banks?

This is leaving those most vulnerable exposed to poor health through lack of suitable nutrition which is a position that will likely increase the virus mortality rate. More people will die - why is that being allowed by the Boris Johnson Government?

On top of physical deterioration, being left without food will affect mental health and leave people in an undignified and unnecessary position in an already scary and unprecedented situation. Why is that permisable? 

Struggling Food Banks are also struggling to buy emergency food from Supermarkets due to restrictions and lack of stocked items. This means the Supermarket supply chain, (albeit nonsensical as they profit), previously relied upon prior to Covid-19 is no longer a readily available solution.  Along with the aid, a manate for Supermarkets to supply Food Banks in an unrestricted manner and at cost price will support and make the best of the aid. They are trying to maintain an inordinately difficult fulfilment task whilst moving from part time volunteers holding down jobs to full time capacity and Covid19 access complications. It is a huge worry and the entire Covid19 burden should be removed from these volunteers shoulders and shared by Government. Let's rally for these volunteer champions in our communities who have been working behind the scenes for years to fight against Food Poverty - they need us now more than ever. Let's show them the UK public are behind them. 

We should ask why are businesses allowed to make a profit on hunger? Yes they donate and set up trusts and redistribute Food Waste but the fact that their employees are often paid low wages or on contracts that benefit employers best shows a glaring paradox and huge conflict of interest. The whole Food Bank system and delivery model in the UK is in need of a overhaul to include these issues.  As well immediate measures are needed to improve minimum living wages as compulsory as well as a higher rate of benefits.  All measures that will reduce the need for Food Banks hem following this crisis. The knock on effect of these improvements will be felt throughout our country in Education, the NHS, the workplace and our communities as people feel they have enough to live on. 

In addition large Food Charities have high running costs and rather than champion better policies that avoid Food Bank growth they work with and for business and not seemingly the people. This is demonstrated when you analyse their working partnerships and running costs. The Trussell Trust itself charges Food Banks a fee of approx £1300 to work with them and then approx £370 ongoing. This is wrong practice and the tables need to turn.

In the short term Food Aid from the Government is required NOW by way of emergency action.  Funds should be given directly to the Food Banks whilst a solution is researched in how to give people enough money to live on without the need to rely on Food Banks. This growing sector of our UK charitible causes is unjust in such a developed and wealthy country. 

Please sign this petition and help cause change. Sign your name and grow this petition to demonstrate we do not want people going hungry during Covid-19.  That we want our Food Banks to receive Grants and Aid as a priority.

We, the people, will remember the Food Bank crisis and how our Government acts and it will long be recorded in the history books. Let's make it a proud story. Let's sign to play our part in making it happen. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!