Invest in our Teachers NOW!

Invest in our Teachers NOW!

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Priya Bhalla-Burton started this petition to UK Parliament and

UK Government, I'm pleading with you to Invest in our Teachers, NOW.                          

I believe that children should be cared for by teachers who are cared for, do you? 

The extreme working conditions in schools is a pandemic that has been going on a lot longer than Covid-19. For every teacher we lose, we are depriving our children of quality and experience plus, further stretching a system already at breaking point.

Help save teachers from continuing to leave the profession with heavy hearts, guilt and a sense of utter failure because keeping up with even the basic demands of the job is unrealistic.

The current system is breaking these beautiful souls and too many excellent teachers have left because they are not able to give more. They already give their lives and health. Making them choose working instead of family, time off and being well is not fair or humane.

In house, free access to counselling cannot be a bolt on to the already impossible work loads of our teachers.

Increasing levels of stress, anxiety and unfairly compromised well-being is not sustainable or fair. 

Going to a physio, dentist, doctor, etc is a 'luxury' teachers do not have time for.

Some headteachers will accommodate teachers attending their own children's sports days. 

Many women still face difficulties in having time off accepted and granted so conceal miscarriages, abortions, IVF treatment, etc. 

Is this really 2022?!

Pay the very many qualified, registered and insured counsellors available for work to provide counselling for teachers within school. 

Financial commitment from government is needed to help save our teachers and better equip future generations so they are taught by teachers who have good mental health support, time for hobbies and an actual life outside of schools. 

As the phrase goes, happy baby equals happy mum, I believe healthy teachers equal emotionally and academically successful children (and therefore schools). 

We must invest in our teachers now if we care about our teachers, our children or our futures.

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Priya Bhalla-Burton. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!