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Convince China to place sanctions on North Korea

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North Korea is advancing it's military, just recently North Korea proactively launched a missile that flew over Japan on the 29th of August soon followed by reports of an earthquake coming from North Korea which turned out to be underground testing of their newly developed hydrogen bomb which is at least 3 times as powerful as the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945.

North Korea is unpredictable, Japan & South Korea have both held drills in case of war with the DPRK and President Donald Trump has given the go ahead for Japan & South Korea to purchase increased military equipment from the U.S. At this rate war is inevitable with the North, we need to prevent it but to do so we need China's help.

Majority of imports into North Korea are from China, their food, technology, equipment and etc which means that they rely greatly on China as without them the DPRK would be even more worse off than they already are. China controls the Yalu River which makes up majority of the border between China and North Korea, Seizing all trade routes across this river would force North Korea to oblige and listen to uswe need to stop their ways, not just for us but also for the North Koreans, we could also use this to force the regime to change not just their military advancements.

There is always an alternative to war, and going to war isn't going to help us or the North Koreans, this could be one step closer to shrivel the divide between the North & the South!

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