Condemn UK MPs’ letters against India regarding Kashmir

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Certain British Members of Parliament have issued letters condemning the Indian Government’s recent revocation of Article 370 relating to Kashmir. It is concerning that some MPs, mainly of Pakistani origin, have in their letters chosen to make certain statements and allegations against the democratically elected Indian Government and Indian affairs that appear biased, divisive and ill informed. Such letters have deeply hurt the feelings of the British Indian community in UK and Indians across the World.

British MPs have no business interfering in the internal affairs of an independent sovereign country such as India. Serving the interests of United Kingdom should be their primary concern.They need to represent all their constituents irrespective of ethnicity, religion or country of origin and not be influenced by vested interests.They should always be mindful of the impact their actions can have on Britain’s multicultural society and not bring divisive politics into the UK.

The MPs’ actions deserve to be strongly condemned. They should withdraw their letters and issue an apology.