Compulsory LGBTQ sex education in secondary schools.

Compulsory LGBTQ sex education in secondary schools.

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sophie rapley started this petition to UK Parliament

I, am a 16 year old girl who identifies as a lesbian. 

There are plenty more young people who identify like this, it’s not a small number. And the number of us who are open about this is growing...

Sex education in our school curriculum is severely lacking, and I cannot think of a more sparse area than in lgbtq learning. 

As we all know, young people do not always listen to the given age of consent. It’s a fact of life that people experiment and grow... sometimes even when it isn’t what is necessarily best. It will happen wether you like it or not... 

At such a confusing and already stressful age, the last thing that is needed is an added in STI. Sure. I’ll give it to my school that in the last year they’ve taught me how to use a condom... but I will not find this useful. It won’t help me. Regardless of your sexual or romantic orientation STI’s are still catchable. And everyone should be informed on how to be safe in the most intimate of moments...

It isn’t a discussion that should be awkward, it isn’t one that should be left for partners to deal with after the mistake has already been made... nobody should learn these things from the unrealistic world of porn. 

Keeping our young ones safe so they can continue to learn and flourish is so incredibly important. They need to be able to reach their full potential and go on to change the world like we know they will, so helping them feel safe and secure in every aspect of their life is a necessity. 

What I would love to see happen is this: 

• Teachers go through a course of training to support lgbtq young people throughout sex, relationships and possible bullying. 

• All sex education regardless of sexual orientation to be added more prevalently into the key stage 4 curriculum. 

• Sex education to be focussed on everyone. There should be information available on how to use dental dams, how to clean up before and after, how to use lubricant and how to spot unsure consent. This is all severely lacking for same sex couples.

• Sexual and romantic education to include relationship red flags, emotional and mental abuse, and coercion.

• Students to be taught about all kinds of relationships such as ones that are Gay, lesbian or polyamorous. They should be made aware that discrimination against people who love differently to themselves will not be tolerated. 

I would really appreciate support on this subject, I understand that for many people it is controversial but I think we should all focus on moving forward and helping the future generation of adults. 


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