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Compulsory CCTV for all Venues holding over 500 people

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On the 29th July 2017 , me and my wife were enjoying a great evening out at the races to celebrate our best friends 33rd birthday. Salisbury racecourse was heaving, due to their Chapel race event incorporating late evening racing and a party afterwards with the no.1 nightclub in town.

The last race was 8:15pm and my wife decided before then to visit the ladies. There was only one toilet in the area which had the male and female’s toilets separated by only a thin corridor with no marshall on hand to police queuing or quality, etc. With my wife queuing, she was sexually assaulted (groped) by a guy wearing red shorts , black top and baseball cap

Upon reporting this to the onsite security at the racecourse, (who I must say were very helpful and took this as seriously as they could) the response was “you know we will not be able to find him as we have no CCTV” and that “there was no way the police would be able to find him either”. My wife was distraught, embarrassed and ashamed about what had happened and I as her husband was furious at the thought that this vile creature could walk away ‘scott free’ to do this again and again.

Knowing this information of lack of CCTV, somebody could easily have mugged, assaulted or attacked anyone on that day and with the confidence that they could get away with the crime as there was no CCTV to help assist the security or police.

The official attendance at the race course that late afternoon was 5,200 people.

I am no feminist and don’t pretend to be, but when something so disgusting and life impacting happens, shouldn’t we have the confidence to firstly report these issues and secondly know that these vile people can be brought to justice.

So my petition is that any venue that can hold more than 500 people needs to have compulsory CCTV installed. Taking into consideration that this venue sold tickets ranging from £8 to £24, before any drink or food sales , the venue was making more than £50,000+ on that evening alone (if not close to £100,000+)

In a day and age when we are told to be more vigilant towards increasing crime rates and the increasing terrorism threat, all venues that can hold 500+ people should have adequate CCTV and security to protect people against these crimes and the hooligans that commit them.

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