Autism and/or SEN must never be an excuse to deny mental health specialist services

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This Petition is Dedicated to Chris

Chris was diagnosed with Autism. Like all of us, he was capable of becoming ill with depression but in his case there was a difference. As many others report, the diagnosis of autism made a difference. His mother reports  that he was denied vital mental health services because he was autistic. Chris, like thousands of other autistic young people was let down and the lack of support contributed to the ending of his life. His  mother now deeply  mourns the loss of her beloved son and has asked me to post his  picture here. She appeals to others to do what they can to support the millions of others  who today feel lost , alone and let down because they may have autism or some other special needs. Autistic children and young people can become depressed like us all. They, like us all are entitled to receive mental health support irrespective of their special needs. Please sign. Please act together to stop injustice and unfairness. Although Chris can no longer be saved his story and the love of his mother may inspire a movement large enough to save so many others.

Michael Charles
1 year ago