Child migrants should be given a right to amnesty in the UK

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As a child migrant who left an abusive life at the age of 12, finding out that a place I call home has rejected me is the most terrifying feeling. At 20, I’ve sat at home for 2 years without been able to go to university because I am not entitled to student finance. I can not work and I can no longer dream too far because my dreams of becoming a medical doctor one day are slowing disappearing. There’s so many people just like me. We came innocent, we worked hard in school, we stayed out of trouble,we call this place home, we want to be part of the community that makes it better, we pray for this country but yet it has failed us. We are rejected and shunned to a corner, it for some of us, taught us about hope, gave us the ability to live again, to be children, to dream but yet it has turned around to take all this away from us. When will this stop? when can we sit in the same university lectures with our peers? those we left sixthform with, when can we work to provide for ourselves and the families that we have? when can live like human beings? Please give us amnesty, please think of us as human beings, please show us the hope that you taught us. Please think of us as your children. Please,because we too, deserve safety, we too deserve care, we too are human beings. We might not all have been in front of bombs, but we’ve fought battles too might for any one our age. We struggled through it all and we just want you to listen, to help. We campaign in support of the dreamers in the USA but yet here in the UK, your own dreamers are dieing silently in fear. Please save us.