Chemical castration for serious sexual offenders

Chemical castration for serious sexual offenders

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Started by Zac Roddy

There are rising numbers of people ending up on the sex offenders register, reported crimes are up and will continue to rise. The number of registered sex offenders has more than doubled over the past 14 years. 

4.4% of criminals who complete a prison-based sex offender treatment programme will commit another sexual offence after there release into the public. That's nearly 3000 potential victims of sexual abuse

Once they are released from prison criminals that have commit serious sexual offences should not only just be on the sex offenders register and SHPO's for life but the very dangerous sexual urges that caused them to commit the crime should be removed through a lifetime anophrodisiac drug treatment. 

People who commit serious crimes in a vehicle can receive a lifetime driving ban, people who commit serious firearms offence can receive a lifetime firearm ban, the same should go for sex offences, once a serious crime has been committed they should loose the right to be sexual.

I believe this will reduce re-offending and deter future sex offenders.

Its time we crack down on this and send a serious message to the people who are thinking about or have already commit these horrible crimes. 



48 have signed. Let’s get to 50!