Charge David Cameron with Treason.

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The Brexit referendum has left our country more divided than at any time since the Wars of the Roses. David Cameron’s failed attempt to quell internal divisions in his party led to his catastrophic gamble with our future. His legacy is not only discord and division, but it leaves us alone in Europe and risks the break up of the United Kingdom. With this act of vandalism he not only put his own needs above those of our country, he then committed an act of pure cowardice by resigning.

Whether you voted “leave” or “remain” we are now all adversely affected by his reckless actions. 

Instead of enjoying well-paid lecture tours of the USA and writing his memoirs in his cosy little £25,000 “luxury hut”, I believe David Cameron should be held personally accountable for the damage he has done to our country and to the future prospects for our children.