Changing a law for bike users

Changing a law for bike users

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Started by Richard Ragany

Dear car and motorbike users!

With the recent change in the Highway Code I am starting this petition to achieve maximum safety and security from bike users.

Recently it has been decided that they have the same rights on the roads as us if not more. The main problem is that some of the bikers aren’t considerate and I’m sure you can all list plenty of examples. 
Therefore I would like to see the law to change so every bike user must wear a helmet and high visibility clothing for their and our safety. 
Also they use the roads that we pay for from our vehicle road tax so it’s only fair that they pay road too. And last but not least we all know that push bikes can cause a fair bit of damage in the event of and accident so they should also have insurance just like we do!

Please support this so if they want the same rights they can have it but they should also fulfil every law that the rest of us have to and if they don’t implement the same penalty system for them! 

Road tax, insurance and safety clothing for ever pushbike on UK roads!!


12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!