Change waste plastic for good and packaging as we know it

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Did you know that 91% of plastic isn't recycled?

It's ending up in our oceans and in landfill where it takes centuries to break down and has devastating effects on wildlife. We're tired of businesses wasting energy and precious resources creating new plastic when there is already plenty available.

We all want to support businesses that are ditching virgin plastic. And 79% of UK citizens would support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to show its environmental impact. But not enough businesses are doing it.

That’s why we’re asking companies to join in putting a simple recycled content rating on their plastic packaging to show the public what it’s made of. It will fundamentally close the loop between ocean bound plastic and giving it a second life.

Will you join us in calling for businesses to adopt a simple recycled plastic content rating on all plastic packaging? This gives you the power to choose products that are leading the way in recycled packaging, not lagging behind. And it encourages the worst offenders to ditch virgin plastic.

Let's tell UK businesses it's time to show us what their plastic packaging is made of.