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Change UK surrogacy law

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At the moment the uk law gives the surrogate mother the rights over the child that is not biologically theirs. 

If a couple need to use a surrogate they have to put a lot of trust and can pay up to 10k or more in expenses to the surrogate. 

The surrogate could decide to keep the baby once its born and the biological parents wouldn't have any rights. The law needs to change so we can have legal contracts drawn up by solicitors prior to the transfer of embryos. That way the surrogate mother gives up the right to keep the baby once he/she is born.

as things stand its the surrogate mothers name who goes on then birth certificate. It's also her who chooses to put the biological fathers name down or her own partner as the parents. 

The biological parents then have to apply for the courts for parental order even though the child is biologically theirs. 

This law is out of date and was first put in place in the early 80s and based on the surrogate mother also being the egg donor. Not based on the fact that the child isn't biologically theirs. 

Im 35 and i have MRKH which means I was born with out a womb. I need a surrogate to carry our child. I am lucky as I have an amazing cousin who I trust with all my heart to do this for us. But unfortunately there has been a lot of Cases where couples have lost their money and their biological child. And im determined to make a change for other people in the future. 

Please stand with us and help make a change 

thank you 


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