Change the Rules for Gay Men Donating Blood

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A healthy man could donate enough blood to save 53 lives in his lifetime. So why aren't gay men allowed?

Back in November last year the NHS changed the rules enabling gay men to donate three months from their last sexual activity (as opposed to the previous 12 months), although this is one step in the right direction is isn't enough.

This is due to there being a larger risk of infections in patients receiving the blood transfusions. The NHS state that we have one of the safest blood supplies in the world so why are we still stuck with outdated rules? It is understandable that the patient safety is a priority for the NHS but a blanket rule like this every gay male isn't eliminating the infection risk it is just reducing the amount of potential donors even further. When donations year on year decrease we should be encouraging donors from all sexualities to come forward and donate without extra rules for gay men.

The current screening process uses a questionnaire and trusts all donors to answer the questions accurately though all blood has to be screened and tested before it can be used anyway. If improved screening methods were implemented this would allow for all people wanting to donate blood to have a set of rules that is fair across the board.

Not only is the rule outdated but gay males shouldn't be discriminated against because of their sexuality when donating blood.

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