Change the law - stop rogue traders

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Change the laws that allow rogue traders to duck their debts

Unscrupulous builders can close an insolvent firm, then start afresh under a new name, leaving homeowners who have paid deposits thousands of pounds out of pocket – and with unfinished work.

We saw a change in our rights made on (1 October 2014) whereby consumers who are bullied or misled into buying services or goods they neither need nor want, will now have a period of up to 90 days to take legal action.

However, more needs to be done. We should not allow rogue traders to operate more than once and continue to offend when trading under a different company name. 

Would you feel safe to live with your family in a house left in this state and being out of pocket by £20,000? 

We should be protecting our local communities from fraudsters and thieves but we need the help of our government to get the laws and our rights as a consumer changed.

The Guardian recently spoke to the Citizens Advice who says it receives over 3,000 calls a month about substandard builders. In the last 12 months it handled 43,877 complaints, making it the second biggest issue in its inbox – 7,000 inquiries were from customers who had paid for work which never materialised or was left unfinished.

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