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Help us change the law make failing to pay child maintenance a criminal offence

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At the moment it is very easy to avoid paying child maintenance even when a calculation has been made by the Child Maintenance Service or Child Support Agency (CSA) for money due/ owed. I want this to change I want the law to change so that it is just as bad as when you don't pay your council tax or your TV License I want it to be made a criminal offence. It is not fair for people to bring a child into this world and then shake their hands of their responsibilities. In 2002 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, I was single mother. At the beginning stages of my pregnancy my boyfriend at the time seemed very keen on the pregnancy but soon decided it was not for him. When she was a baby he came to visit a few times but then went out of her life for good around 5 months old and I have not heard from him since. I have tried to pay for everything she's ever needed and when I couldn't my parents would step in to help I never wanted her to feel like it was ever her fault or that she was suffering and not having the same as everyone else because of him. The child support agency have been chasing him for years I have have given them his address on numerous of occasions and contact details they have even made visits but they could not make him pay and he knew that so he didn't . My daughter is now 15 and she hasn't received a penny from him. He knows he owes this money, he works he has a good job but simply doesn't want to pay because he knows no one can make him. This is why things have to change. I know there are many people in the same situation and things have got to change now. Help me make this a criminal offence so that these mothers or fathers HAVE to pay for the child or children they helped bring into this world or suffer the consequences, they will no longer be able to run from. It's nobody else's responsibility to pay for your child.

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