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Change the law on fireworks

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A lot of people I know are fed up with fireworks being set off throughout the night between October and January. Many of the people are breaking the current law regarding fireworks which states that fireworks cannot be set off between 11pm to 7am with the exception of Bonfire Night, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year. In my local area fireworks were being set off until 4.45am yesterday. This affects pets, children and vulnerable people. How many of you have dogs that bark at the loud bangs of fireworks, those setting them off will more than likely not be punished but if your dog becomes a nuisance and neighbours complain you might be. How many of you have animals who run scared of the noise, cats, dogs, rabbits and other furry family members? How many of you have a child who has been woken up by fireworks? How many times has it happened on a school night? How many of you have vulnerable family members be them elderly, disabled or just do not understand what is going on and they get scared by loud bangs randomly going off? How many of our armed forces come back after fighting for our country with PTSD and fireworks affect them? How many of these situations could be avoided if we were given some warning that fireworks were going to be set off. Even better how much safer would we feel if we could report those breaking the law and not be fobbed off with 'if we can't find them we can't do anything'.

The police say that unless they can be given an exact address they cannot respond. The fine for breaking the firework law is between £90 and £5000 but how can those who break the law be caught if they cannot be found. So ultimately there is a law that is suppose to stop the noise affecting people but they won't be caught so it is useless.

Last night my daughter was woken throughout the night by fireworks, my dogs have barked at every firework bang the past two nights and my cats are scared and hiding. My neighbour posted a video of his dog, who had an operation to remove her leg earlier this year, scared by the bangs and trying desperately to find a safe place to hide in her house. I could give many more examples of friends and family who have had both animals and people affected by fireworks and you could probably put forward some of your own. At the moment there is a law to stop this happening but it cannot be enforced and we need to change that.

I propose that anyone, professional or amateur, should be made to inform their local council and neighbours when they plan to set off fireworks and which fireworks they will be using. As a result people can report those who break the law regarding fireworks and there will be a record of who could potentially be suspects. As a result people affected by illegal use of fireworks can report without having to have an exact address and more people will be caught breaking the law.

The law needs to be changed regarding fireworks because illegal use of fireworks affects households all over the UK.

I am not proposing that fireworks be stopped completely just that those that break the law can be made accountable by the police.




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