Change the law and get justice for cats attacked by dogs.

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On the 22nd August 2019, my 11 year old cat was savagely attacked by a dog in our own garden in Rochdale, United Kingdom while she was sleeping on the doorstep, who’s owner was walking his dog allowed this dog to roam free without a lead after this dog was known to chase cats and attack them. He had no control over the dog and the cat had been asleep on the doorstep and the cat was dragged off the doorstep by the dog, all that’s on my mind now is how scared she must’ve been in her final moments. We as a family are very disturbed and distraught as we had to go and get the cat out of the bin that the owner of the dog had placed her in. The owner of the dog did not even tell us, we had found out by witnesses who seen the incident take place and described it as “upsetting” and described it as “she was being ragged around like a teddy”, if they had not have told us what happened, then where would we be now? All that would go through our heads is that she is lost and we would be unable to give her the burial she deserved. This incident was reported to Greater Manchester Police and we may as well have been told that they’re not going to do anything. Do you think it’s fair that a dog can savagely attack another dog and action be taken but cats who are loved EQUALLY to dogs cannot have anything done about it? I am calling for a change to the law to allow cat owners to take further action against dog owners who’s dogs brutally attack cats, we also want to change the law that cats are not classed as feral animals as they are loved by their owners. The definition of feral is “ in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication” how is this the case for a DOMESTICATED cat when they are owned and loved by people? Especially the fact that my cat was within the boundaries of my premises where she should feel safe to sleep and await our arrival home as she always did 

RIP to our beloved Sparkle �