Change the education system to be more beneficial to young people

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This petition sets out to campaign against the outdated education system.

Many young people believe that school is a burden on proper education, and as they are entitled to an opinion we should listen to them. School today is about learning your Science, your Maths, your English etc.

This is good and all but when are we going to snap out of an education system made for a factory dominant era? Our current education system revolves around listening and being held under strict rules. Understandably, discipline is always needed but not in an extent we use it today. The school system today was made for when people worked in factories, it taught them good behaviour and how to work under strict rules. Today, factories aren't the fate of all young people.

Instead, school SHOULD be more open to creativity and not forcing students to listen to outdated content. School should be fun with yes helping you get valuable qualifications, but what in? What do we actually need to set us up for life?

What we need is to cut down on the redundant information and replace it with more applicable content to kids such as the 'life skills' we are suggesting, tell me when was the last time you needed to use Pythagoras or needed to know about a four fold crop rotation?

It is our belief that if you choose to specialise in a specific subject the school system is perfect as it is, but mainly for those in 'KS3' and 'KS4' instead of being taught unnecessary skills, my and the many who believe in my campaign think that kids in this category should be taught 'life skills'

These can range from teaching kids how to manage finance, get a mortgage, what happens in an overdraft situation, how to save money. This can also include what many may consider as basics e.g. How to iron, budget for a shop, even how to notice signs of mental health.

We believe that this is very important for the well being of young people everywhere, we are the many not the minority. This is extremely personal to me because I fit into  the category for those it affects. I want not just my education, but everyone's to be improved..

Please help the education system and the future of your kids. Your vote can help our campaign maybe reach it to parliament and change the education system for the greater good.