Change EWS1 Form Cladding Legislation

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Myself, my neighbours and thousands of people who own flats with cladding our now essentially imprisoned. Our housing association Peabody refuses to provide us with a certified EWS1 Form, despite our building being made from non-combustable Terracotta tiles. 

Mortgage lender surveyors' are refusing to produce survey results until a certified EWS1 form is produced. This means we are unable to buy, sell or remortgage. Completely trapped.

In addition, once our current mortgages run out, we will be forced onto high interest products as well, as we won't be eligible for the normal market rate products. 

We want the Government to change the EWS1 legislation, which was rushed through after the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, allowing mortgage lenders to lend to flats with non-combustible cladding. Allowing myself, my neighbours and thousands of others in the UK to sell or remortgage our flats, helping to get the economy moving again and being able to take advantage of the current stamp duty holiday. 

This is an important and urgent petition on behalf of all flat owners who have cladding. The legislation must be changed to allow us our human right to be able to move and remortgage. We do not want to be trapped any longer. Mortgage lenders must be forced to lend without an EWS1 form, as long as sufficient information regarding the cladding is provided. 

On behalf of myself and my fellow flat owners, I implore you to sign this petition to change the current legislation around EWS1 forms, ensuring mortgage lenders are able to lend without one, and Housing associations are forced to ensure cladding is safe.