Care Assistants Deserve More Recognition and Pay

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Care assistants across the country are given a rough deal! We are not recognised professionally enough and this needs to change! Care assistants generally go into this profession as a means to fufill the 'nurse' in them. We want to care and see our clients/residents healthy and happy. Sadly we are swimming against a fast moving tide! Todays world is making the caring sector impossible to work for.


Care assistants work long and exhausting hours for minimum pay....sadly this is not the only bonus! There is a consistent need for the media/social network sites to show care assistants in a bad light. Why? Does abuse of vulnerable people not happen in the police, firebrigade and local supermarket, of course it does! This makes us all feel judged in the wrong light....yes sadly abuse happens but as mentioned do you not think this happens elsewhere? Why is it only carehomes? Why does the media not show the good that we do, so we can get the recognition we deserve?

As a care assistant we are constantly compared to nurses with many quoting 'your doing it anyway' and yes we are. We are giving medications such as warfarin and Digoxin. Warfarin is a blood thinner, sometimes consistently changing dosages and not giving correctly could kill you! Digoxin requires the pulse to be taken before giving as a low pulse could cause complications.....but thats ok because the majority of us are paid the minimum wage to do so. We are under constant scrutiny from our managers, local authorities and cqc and although this is completely necessary to safeguard those who are vulnerable, is the minimum wage worth the stress? Is the reputation of 'you dont need a qualification' respectful? Any good care provider will have ensured that you undertake training....try this lot for the minimum wage! QCF level 2&3, care certificate, manual handling, infection control, food hygiene, safeguarding, deprivation of liberty, mental capacity and the list goes on! End of life many care assistants have sat with someone at the end of life and stayed beyond your shift so that the resident/patient has someone. How many of you 'untrained' care assistants have argued with the health professionals to ensure that the residents/patients are given appropriate pain relief, relaxants and secretions medicines. 

Care assistants are sadly leaving the profession and staff retention is a huge providers are actually judged for this! The reality is you can work in a less meaningful job and get paid the same. Something needs to change, our population are living longer and one day our own family's are going to need care....but who is going to do the job? Please please credit this profession with the respect that it deserves!