CANCEL UTILITY BILLS for 3 months during COVID-19

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The COVID19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased anxieties, stress, uncertainties and tension within our community, affecting the mental health of people of all ages.

While there are talks of freezing mortgages and council tax, that is not enough. We desperately need our gas, water, electric and general utility bills to be frozen/cancelled during this difficult time too. If we can't go to work, how can we pay these bills and maintain a decent quality of life? 

We're a family of 5 depending on just one self employed person's income to live. Of course since the outbreak, business has been extremely slow. How are we, and the thousands of other families like us, meant to survive?

This issue affects every single person living in the United Kingdom and we need our government to take this seriously. If Italy can cancel utility bills, the UK can too. We should not and will not live the next 3 months with continuous anxiety when we have a government who have the power to make this right.

Sign the petition if you want the peace of mind knowing you don't have to worry about a stack of bills burning a hole in your pocket while you can't work.